Cleaning 24×7 accreditations


Cleaning 24x7 Accreditations & Awards Residential Property: Damp, Identification and Treatment Identify the main causes of damp affecting buildings Different types of damp present Consequences of damp and how it affects buildings Diagnose damp related problems Residential Property: Timber Decay and Infestations, Identification and Treatment Fungal & [...]

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Retail cleaning services


Retail premise cleaning service A presentable look is of paramount importance for business premises such as furniture shops. Great care is taken when surfaces are cleaned and polished and ornaments and soft furniture dusted. Vacuuming and mopping floors seems like an easy task but cleaners have to be extremely careful because [...]

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Causes for mould growth


Causes for mould growth Damp and mould invasion is a very common issue not only in period properties but in new developments as well. There are three main reasons for mould appearance are condensation, penetrating damp and rising damp, and three main factors for mould growth: moisture, temperature and ventilation. [...]

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Internal Insulation on Walls and Floor


Types of insulation There are two types of wall insulation – internal and external. Internal wall insulation is cheaper than external insulation. Plus, it saves you money on your heating bills and acts as a sound insulation. This is an added bonus, especially if your property is facing a main road [...]

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Oven, washing mashine and lime-scale


You’ve reached your own efforts limit, trying to get that greasy oven cleaned. That’s when we enter the scene, using specific detergents designed to remove heavily built-up grease residue. Oven cleaning can be organized either as part of your regular domestic cleaning service or as an individual arrangement, no matter whether the [...]

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Gym and Fitness Centres Cleaning


Gym and Fitness Centres Cleaning premises with spa facilities and sport equipment is where our cleaning strength is. Designing a cleaning responsibility list with both the rotated and the fixed tasks is essential to keeping the client budget at bottom prices. In any sense it’s is not done at the expense [...]

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End-of-tenancy cleaning in East Dulwich, the SE22 area in London


This is one of our latest end-of-tenancy cleaning projects in a two- bed flat in East Dulwich, the SE22 area in London. The top-to-bottom end of tenancy cleaning package is designed to clean the flat for the new tenancy lease. The job was carried out by a team of 3 professional end of tenancy [...]

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