Causes for mould growth

//Causes for mould growth

Causes for mould growth

Damp and mould invasion is a very common issue not only in period properties but in new developments as well.

There are three main reasons for mould appearance are condensation, penetrating damp and rising damp, and three main factors for mould growth: moisture, temperature and ventilation.

Identifying what causes mould and mildew growth in your home

Mould does not  necessarily develop in the most humid room therefore  identifying the cause can be quite confusing.

Allocating  the reason for mould and mildew growth  is the key to resolving the problem with mould contamination.

Condensation as a cause for mould growth

Human daily activities are the main source of moisture.

Add poor ventilation and insufficient ambient temperature and you get the perfect condition for mould growth .

With black mould – the longer you wait the worse it becomes.

Penetrating damp as cause for mould appearance

Leaking gutters and downpipes are so common cause for dampness, respectively mould contamination.

Over period of time the condition deteriorates and what seems a small problem can cause significant damages leading to costly projects.

Leaks can also cause mould growth

Flooded flat above?

Leaking drain pipe under sink?

Leaking compression fitting under the floor boards?

Leaking trap waste under shower cubicle? Leaking radiator valve?

There are so many  potential sources of leaks ,hidden or visible , left untreated ,the outcome  is the same mould invasion.