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Please find below some Q&A that are an integral part of our T&C’s. The information only aims to help you understand our company policy as using our services means that the client is happy to comply with the cleaning service policy.

  1. Is there extra VAT, charges or fees on top of the quoted rate?

No, the quoted rate is final. There will be no extra charges.

  1. What happens if I am not happy with the cleaning service?

Simply tell us. We need to match your expectations and this could be done only with your help.

One-way communication does not work when two parties are involved. Listening to you helps us improve the quality of service. Help us to help you.

Our experience shows that some clients prefer to avoid communication with us when something is not right. The issue escalates, and then they suddenly decide to terminate the service without even telling us if there is any reason. This is a mistake, which we try to prevent by contacting you from time to time to check if everything is the way it should be.

On the other hand, many of our clients prefer to keep us informed of all their concerns. We look carefully at the issue and decide how to deal with it, discussing all the options together with the client.  These clients are the ones who stay with us for a long time. These are the clients who benefit from our yearly promotional offers, such as free spring cleans, buy-one-get-one free, etc. Such clients bear in mind that people are human beings, not programmable machines and that a little kick from time to time is necessary so that they consistently keep up with cleaning standard.

  1. Can I change my cleaner?

If you don’t like your cleaner’s attitude, you need to inform us immediately. Cleaners have different attitude and different working pace and finding the right cleaner is always a process of mutual adjustment. If you let us know, we will try to avoid future disappointment and find more suitable cleaner.

Some clients prefer to terminate the service. Such an instant decision does not guarantee that you won’t face a similar problem with the next cleaning company.

The best thing to do is to inform us about are your concerns.

Remember: We cannot predict your thoughts but if we know what you think, we can be very helpful.

  1. Can I cancel an appointment due to personal circumstances?

Yes. Just please let us know in advance at least 48 hours so we can try to fill the cleaner schedule with another appointment. Should you require a last-minute cancellation, your cleaner would expect to be reimbursed at least for her transport expenses. Remember, everyone relies on their income to look after their families.

  1. Can I add extra cleaning tasks?

Bear in mind that the cleaning session consists of certain tasks carried out during each cleaning session.  Adding extra tasks should be at the expense of other routine tasks or should be done by extending the session accordingly.

  1. Do cleaners clean behind and below sofas and beds?

Yes, as long as the sofas are moved in advance by the client as cleaners don’t normally move sofas. As a gesture of good will, the cleaner can move the sofa. However, this is done entirely at a client’s discretion. Please note that heavy furniture should have soft pads stuck to the bottom of them to prevent scratches on the floor when these are being moved in order to clean the floor underneath. We would not accept claims for scratches caused by moving them around by the cleaner as it is the client responsibility to prevent such issues simply by putting soft pads where friction between two hard surfaces can cause scratches.

  1. How much notice do I need to give to terminate the service?

A month notice. This would allow us to assign the cleaner to another booking.

  1. Can you design a customized checklist based on my personal requirements apart from the general cleaning and sanitising tasks?

Yes, we can customize the checklist to include your specific cleaning requirements and you can choose to add, remove and rotate any cleaning tasks. However, please note that as a cleaning service provider, we have a general checklist which covers the standard routine cleaning and sanitising tasks as outlined.The company is happy to provide additional household services such as ironing, laundry, loading and unloading dishwashers, etc. involving the use of electrical devices/ equipment including but not limited to dishwashers, washing machines, irons, etc. (with the exception of vacuum cleaners). However, such extra cleaning tasks are to be carried out only at the responsibility of the client and the cleaner’s discretion. We as a company cannot be held liable for any concerns, issues or damages caused by the cleaner during their performance.

  1. How do I know when do I need to renew the cleaning materials stock?

The cleaner will leave the empty detergents out as a reminder to you so you could top up the supply. In some cases, the cleaner will report this to the office so we can remind you in advance.

  1. Should I provide the cleaning products or will the cleaner bring them?

Normally our regular customers supply the cleaning products themselves. Since there’s such a great variety of cleaning products on the market, our cleaners are instructed to work with a certain range of products. We’ll send you a list with these products. Please bear in mind that the cleaning products are not included in your regular on-going rate.

Please make sure you provide the right products for each area and type of surface and keep an eye on your stock. And get plenty of clothes- preferably micro-fibre ones. When buying the products and cloths, please bear in mind that there are cheap solutions but they are not suitable for regular cleaning usage. (For instance, the yellow dusters are good, but they leave yellow bits behind when they get wet, so having just yellow dusters for all the rooms in your house is not enough).

Please avoid throwing away liquid substances in the bin as the bag might be dripping when the cleaner takes it out to the garbage designated areas. Cleaners aren’t responsible for marks left on the floors due to dripping bags so please be cautious not to throw liquids and soft, runny food.

And remember: always get quality products and keep plenty in stock. Don’t take the quality of your service for granted, just because your cleaner is good. She relies on the right products and working tools in order to do a quality job- the way plumbers and electricians need to have the right tools in order to do their job. So please, help her do her job up to a standard.

11.Can I leave a key to allow access to my property?

You have to inform us in advance so that we send you the key deposit form. We need to have a signed copy, which will be attached to your personal client profile.

  1. How do I get my keys back in case I have terminated my cleaning service contract?

If you have given us one month advance notice, the cleaner will leave the keys during the last cleaning session. If you have terminated the service with no advance notice, we have two keys return options. With both options, the delivery-related expenses would be covered by you.

The first option is arranging a personal delivery to your address. The second option is sending your keys back via the Royal Mail delivery service which provides a tracking number. Please bear in mind that when clients choose to have their keys delivered by a courier, this is done entirely at the clients’ responsibility as we are not responsible for any concerns arisen due to a courier involvement.

  1. Is your company insured?

Yes, we have adequate Public and Employer Liability Insurance. Please bear in mind that, in case of damages, we are only responsible for the standard cleaning and sanitising tasks included in the general routine cleaning specification list. Any extra tasks such as doing the laundry and the ironing are carried out completely at the client’s discretion and we shall not be liable for any complaints arisen as a result of the cleaner performing those tasks.

  1. Can I meet my cleaner in advance?

Of course, you can. However, this is an extra cost for the maid and we always suggest the cleaner to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance so you can show her around the premises and explain your requirements.  Every single cleaner has a personal attitude to cleaning. If you don’t like something, just tell either us or the cleaner how would you like to have the cleaning done.

  1. Can I discuss my requirement in an initial meeting?

Of course, we can arrange this. We need 48- hours advance notice so we can book an appointment with one of our managers.

  1. Do I have to sign a contract?

This gives your cleaner a guarantee, and make them feel more secure for the period of time she will be engaged on a permanent basis in your property. In return, you will receive nothing short of loyalty and responsibility from your maid.

In case you terminate the service provision, we need a sufficient advance note of 30 days to engage your maid elsewhere and prevent sudden fluctuations in her income.

  1. I intend to set up a monthly advanced standing order. What happens if I need to cancel a session and my standing order is running?

In case you need to cancel a session because you are on a holiday, please give us at least 48-hour advance notice so we have enough time to book the cleaner elsewhere.

Most clients prefer the cleaner to keep coming when they’re on holiday as it’s a good opportunity for the cleaner to carry out these spring-cleaning tasks which can’t be done during the regular session. Every house needs some extra cleaning care and attention, at least twice a year, and for most people the best time to do these tasks is while they are away.   Some examples are cleaning the kitchen units, cleaning the windows, the fridge, the oven.

If you still prefer to just cancel those weeks when you are on a holiday, we usually organise a double session or a few extended sessions afterwards, just to help the cleaner reinstate her normal routine after the cancellation. The added benefit of this decision is that we’ll bring the payments and the sessions carried out back in line.

If you choose to cancel a session or two and not to have an extended session after the cancellation, please don’t cancel your automated payment as the monthly amount on your standing order is calculated on an annual basis for a period of 12 consecutive months, commencing the regular cleaning service provision. It’s not calculated on a calendar year-basis.

So please do not interrupt your standing order.  Instead, we are going to provide you with different refund options to choose from. We can keep the credit on your account so you could use it later on or we can arrange a refund on your request. Or we can refund the overpayment via cheque. (we’ll never ask you for your bank details).

NB.To avoid failed appointments due to missed payments, please remember that the service is automatically suspended in cases when invoice has not been paid within 2 weeks as of the issue date of the invoice.

  1. My cleaner comes every other week. I had to cancel the service frequently during the past few months. What do you suggest?

Frequent cancellations lead to issues with the standard of cleanliness as the property needs extra cleaning care after it has not been cleaned for a while.  What’s more, no cleaner is happy when her steady weekly earnings drop since cleaners rely on their income to look after their families. That’s why we suggest that we organize double cleaning session the following time.  This not only helps the cleaner reinstate the normal cleaning routine but also helps her keep her earnings.

  1. What happens if I miss a session because the cleaner can’t get in?

In cases when a session fails in the last minute because the cleaner doesn’t have an access to the property through no fault of hers, the client is responsible for paying that session in full. It’s true that sometimes things happen in the very last minute and you can’t predict and control everything. Still, we’ll appreciate if you try to inform us in advance so we can book the cleaner elsewhere.

  1. I’m concerned the cleaner doesn’t speak English. How can I make sure she understands me?

There’s no need to communicate directly with the cleaner.  If you need to pass any requests to her you can always leave out a note written down in block capital letters.  Most cleaners understand written English much easier than spoken one. Or you can drop us an email with your cleaning requests and we’ll pass them on to the cleaner.

Please bear in mind that it is important to pass your requirements not only directly to the cleaner as this info will not be recorded in your client profile and we won’t be able to pass your requests to any temporary or permanent cleaner assigned. We need to know any specific requirements. And these could vary to include any request. I’ve listed below some examples, just to illustrate my point:

– I need the bed-linen changed in both bedrooms every time;

– Please start upstairs;

– Make sure you close the bathroom window when you finish cleaning the bathroom;

-Please don’t touch the leather sofas.

  1. Emergency contact details and third party authorization- this concern mostly clients during their holiday

Clients should provide emergency contact details, which will be kept in case of an emergency situation. Such will be used if we are not able to contact you and the matter requires urgent actions. Such can be fire, theft, plumbing issues, leaks, electrical faults, etc. We need the client’s authorization to seek help from third parties in case we are not able to contact the client. In such cases, the client will be responsible for reimbursing the costs for using third parties. While we do our best to keep your property safe and secure, we need your express permission to take the best possible decisions and seek assistance accordingly from relevant institutions, service providers and authorities. The client can reserve the right not to authorize us, especially if this will incur additional costs. In such cases, we will do our best to secure your premise, however we will not be held responsible for any concerns, issues or damages that could have been easily prevented by using relevant help from reputable companies specializing in their professional field.

  1. Health & Safety requirements

It is the client’s responsibility to secure their premises. Any devices, items or surfaces that show signs of general wear and tear and can pose a potential hazard, thereby risking the health and safety of the cleaner should be addressed in due course. Outstanding maintenance issues must be resolved promptly. The lack of maintenance and failure to comply with Health and Safety legislation can lead to incidents, causing not only damages to the client’s property but also injuries to the cleaner itself. Simple examples include but are not limited to: loose shower cubicle door or glass panel, cracked tile, washbasin, mirror, etc.