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Home Maintenance services

Why request one?

   Our property maintenance and repair services are provided by fully qualified City and Guilds maintenance operatives.

All our maintenance services are provided with a minimum of interruption to your home or business.

We work with you, to ensure your business continues to operate at maximum efficiency while providing greater safety and cost efficiency. 


Our property maintenance services include

We offer a full range of commercial and residential services that can include anything from partial to complete maintenance

Interior decoration is an essential element of making your house feel like your home.

Only by personalising your living areas can a home truly feel unique.

We all know that mowing your grass regularly will keep your garden ticking over in terms of maintenance.

But what about when you decide that you want a little bit more TLC for your lawned areas

Tile regrouting is a process used to completely transform
the look of any old tiled area by removing the old worn out grout and replacing it with fresh new grout.

We carefully remove the old grout from around the tiles and then we replace it with a sanitised pure white grout, the results are simply amazing.

This is one of the more difficult jobs to undertake in a garden.

Gutters are often high up and above hard surfaces, a safe ladder, skill and experience are essential.

This is why it’s usually best to leave gutter-clearing to the professionals.

We all want and need to use electricity safely, carefully and efficiently.

But in general, a layperson lacks the knowledge to run the home for maximum efficiency.

And without prompt, experienced attention, small electrical problems can quickly become big ones with more complications.

To discuss your cleaning needs without any obligation please call us on 07723400417  alternatively  e-mail us at  info@24x7cleaning.co.uk.

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