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Home electrical maintenance

Where there’s electricity, safety is at a premium.

We all want and need to use electricity safely, carefully and efficiently. But in general, a layperson lacks the knowledge to run the home for maximum efficiency.

And without prompt, experienced attention, small electrical problems can quickly become big ones with more complications. This leads to safety issues – and a bigger bill.

So let us prevent those labour charges, we know exactly how to prevent the electrical breakdowns and/or power interruptions which will ultimately impact upon safety,  functionality and profitability.

What do we do at 24×7?

There are some simple steps which we follow first.

We can check your sockets and plugs to ensure that they aren’t overloaded. This is a common source of fire.

By ensuring that the power supply is split evenly among your sockets, we are ensuring not only safety, but also cost-effectiveness.

We also fit and maintain surge protectors and circuit breakers, so that in the event of an electrical malfunction your home is protected against the worst consequences.

We maintain the spaces around electrical areas. 24×7 ensures that they are free from dust and kept at an electrically optimum standard.

And as well as this we are also familiar with the latest appliances, product recalls and identifying any suspected safety issues.

To discuss your cleaning needs without any obligation please call us on

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