Resealing and regrouting

//Resealing and regrouting
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Resealing and regrouting

Resealing baths, shower trays and kitchens is one of our most popular jobs

Re-sealing needs to be done properly and with the best quality products.

Tile regrouting is a process used to completely transform the look of any old tiled area by removing the old worn out grout and replacing it with fresh new grout.

We carefully remove the old grout from around the tiles and then we replace  it with a sanitised pure white grout, the results are simply amazing.

  • Tile regrouting
  • Grout cleaning
  • Tile cleaning and tile resealing
  • Grout recolouring
  • Tile stainguarding – in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry
  • Grout stainguarding
  • Shower and bathroom makeovers
  • Leaking shower repairs

Bathrooms and kitchens are by nature high humidity areas. This leaves them vulnerable to mould growth and discoloured surfaces.

At 24×7 Ltd. we are experienced in re-sealing and re-grouting your kitchens and bathrooms to ensure they always look their best.

The dirt, grease and oil presence in these rooms is high, meaning that they often need extra protection.

When we re-surface for you, 24×7 Ltd. always helps to protect against water absorption and mould build-up.

Applying a sealant to the affected area creates a barrier which makes the surface easier to clean.

The colour also remains unaffected, giving your room a vitality which is can often be missing.

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