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Mould is a type of fungi that exist in our normal environment but it’s never welcome in our homes. Certain conditions such as moisture and warmth help the mould grow and spread. While keeping low humidity and constant room temperature help win the battle, in some cases you need professional treatment to clean mould- contaminated area and prevent it from growing in future.

And this is where we can help as Cleaning 24×7 covers South West London and surrounding neighbourhood.
What do you have to do?
Just call or email us to explain where the mould affected areas at your property are. Then we will be able to take further actions to resolve the mould issue.

We will arrange an appointment with a mould-treatment specialist . Dont worry if you cant allow access during the normal working hours. We work late in the evening, 7 days a week at no extra cost.
Identifying the main reason for mould appearance is a key factor and a step further in the process of treatment for mould prevention. Resolving the problem will prevent potential future mould appearance. Our mould treatment service is quick, efficient and cost effective. We also provide a report with remedy solution to resolve the cause of mould appearance. We will advise you on how to keep healthy environment in your home by minimizing the key factors for future mould growth.

Please call us on  07723400417 and give us details of the mould issue. We’ll do the rest for you.