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One off cleaning service

Cleaning 24×7 provides one off cleaning services to residential and commercial properties that is carried out by our team of fully vetted cleaners. The one off cleaning service is fully insured and quality guaranteed. The cleaning service is carried out to a customer satisfaction , achieving the desirable standard of the cleanliness. We make no compromises with the service as 90% of our customers are gained through spreading the word from happy customers.

Why choose us?

  • One- off specialized cleaners
  • Fully equipped mobile teams
  • Thorough and efficient cleaning service
  • Quality assured
  • Fully insured
  • Tenancy deposit back guaranteed

We can accommodate

  • bookings on short notice
  • late evenings and weekends
  • facilities for various payment options
  • Arrange hourly rate or a fixed quote
  • Tenancy lease deposit back guarantee

General Package

  • Cleaning bath
  • Cleaning shower
  • Cleaning sink
  • Cleaning tiles
  • Cleaning taps
  • Cleaning toilet
  • General sanitation
  • Cleaning cupboard out
  • Cleaning all appliances out
  • Cleaning hob
  • Cleaning all counters
  • Cleaning all surfaces
  • Cleaning all skirting
  • Dusting up pictures
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Dusting and polishing furniture
  • Vacuum
  • Wash floors
  • Take cobwebs
  • Rubbish disposal

Pro Package

Pro Package consists of cleaning tasks listed in General Package plus

  • Dust lampshades and concerns light
  • Dust chairs
  • Clean tables
  • Cleaning doors
  • Cleaning window seals
  • Cleaning the cupboard in
  • Cleaning fridge/freezer in
  • Cleaning microwave in
  • Cleaning other appliances in
  • Cleaning oven general
  • Cleaning windows inside
  • Cleaning sockets and switches

Deluxe Package

Deluxe Package includes all services listed in General and Pro packages plus

  • Complete Remove of heavy lime scale
  • Washing skirting
  • Washing walls
  • Cleaning luster
  • Cleaning windows outside if reachable
  • Deep oven cleaning
  • Floor polishing*
  • Removing stains from the silicone *
  • Grout removing stains from the bathroom or kitchen grout *
  • Provide labor for heavy duties


Clients can choose between hourly rates and fixed quote depend on their budget and cleaning requirements.

Hourly rates vary between £ 12.00 – £ 16.00, depending on the type of one off cleaning service and cleaning equipment provision.

With the fixed price option, we offer package quotes which vary to reflect different property features and cleaning requirements. Clients are provided with a personal cleaning specification with a breakdown of the tasks the cleaners will perform.

The packages are quality guaranteed , meaning that no cleaners will leave prior to inspection of the client . The deluxe cleaning service is deposit back guaranteed designed to suit tenants , landlords and estate agents in order to secure the tenancy deposit .

*The quote is based on the average property size

Studio flat £80.00 £120.00 £150.00
1-bedroom flat £90.00 £150.00 £190.00
2-bedroom flat £110.00 £170.00 £220.00
3-bedroom flat £140.00 £205.00 £250.00
4-bedroom flat £190.00 £290.00 £320.00
5-bedroom flat £220.00 £295.00 £350.00
2-bedroom house £130.00 £220.00 £260.00
3-bedroom house £160.00 £240.00 £290.00
4-bedroom house £190.00 £270.00 £350.00
5-bedroom house £270.00 £330.00 £390.00

To discuss your cleaning needs without any obligation please call us on 07723400417  alternatively  e-mail us at

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