Oven, washing mashine and lime-scale

//Oven, washing mashine and lime-scale

You’ve reached your own efforts limit, trying to get that greasy oven cleaned.

That’s when we enter the scene, using specific detergents designed to remove heavily built-up grease residue.

Oven cleaning can be organized either as part of your regular domestic cleaning service or as an individual arrangement, no matter whether the oven is free-standing or built-in, whether it’s single or double, no matter how long it is since the last time it was cleaned.

24×7 Cleaning carries out the oven deep-cleaning service 7 days a week. And we have the same-day service available, too.

Sticky, slimy, mouldy – and unsightly! –  substance in the washing-machine drawer

Cleaners often skip cleaning the washing-machine drawer as they just won’t bother to pull it away.

This leads to mould and dirt building-up there.

We remove the gunge and mould of your washing machine, bringing back the nice and clean look.

Lime scale on sinks. Our favourite challenge

Mixer taps is where lime-scale builds up ever so fast, reaching up to few millimetres in no time. It is almost impossible to clean.

Well, unless you have the right cleaning skills and the right cleaning products. That’s the way the 24×7 cleaners carry out the lime-scale cleaning service.

Kitchen tidying-up and sanitizing work-tops with antibacterial detergents

People spend a lot of time in their kitchen so that’s the premise that needs the most of your cleaner’s attention.

We use colour coded cloths as to avoid cross contamination. All the surfaces are sanitised, disinfected with the appropriate detergents , and then polished.